Pigments: L'Oreal HiP Shocking Shadow Pigments

I was so lucky because I got back to Chedelyn’s Cosmetics booth at beauty fair to look for another round because if it wasn’t for that I am pretty sure I will never discover these babies!

L’Oreal HiP Pigments are the bomb! I never had a pigment in my entire makeup collection because I find them expensive and messy to use, but mind you friends, you can’t get this kind of pigmentation in your ordinary eye shadows! I think this would be the start of another makeup collection.

These are called Shocking Shadow Pigments and their name suits them well because they have rich and intense color.

I love the packaging because you can easily identify the color just by looking at it without checking what’s inside and it also comes with this cute brush.

I only got four because these are the only available shades at that time. You can get 1.5g of these lovely shades for only P180 each.

Let’s check it out dolls!

Unashamed (544) is a plum shade with enough flecks of gold in it.

Intrepid (914) is a blue green shade when you look at it first, but when you move your hand a little you would see a hint of brown mixed with it especially when wet. I believe it is a great dupe for MAC Blue Brown but BB is more on the golden green side.

Progressive (854) is a golden brown shade and it’s a great dupe for MAC Antiqued, but Antiqued is a pressed shadow and has more brown tones in it.

Striving (224) is a sea blue shade perfect for lid color.

What other pigments would you recommend me? Thanks for stopping by! Mwah

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