And that's what happened: Big Hero 6

We had a stressful day today so we've decided to treat ourselves a movie date :) yey! We chose Big Hero 6 because I felt it was a  feel good movie and my sister recommended rave about how she likes this movie so much! And as a disney lover I wouldn't let this one pass without watching it in a bigscreen! 

We arrived at FT around 8:30pm and choose the last full show, so we have around 1 hr to roam around the mall. We wanted to eat at SnR but sadly they don't have slices of pizza anymore, so we just chose to grab a drink at Jamba Juice then head onto Bread Talk to fill our hungry tummy.

Fifteen minutes before the show we ordered some Mexican munchers from Taters, Ugh super yummy! You should try it! It's a mixture of cheese and jalapeño so it's kind of spicy.

I love Big Hero 6! I don't want to be a spoiler so i'll just give you some insights. It's all about friendship, forgiveness, sacrifice and tons of cool and nerdy stuff :) 

Baymax is love! I wish that someone could invent something like him. It would definitely help a lot of people. 

We went home with smile in our face. I'm glad we watched this movie. 

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