Heneral Luna


We just finished watching Heneral Luna in cinema! and seriously I just thought that i was just some sort of hype but it wasn't! The movie is beyond awesome! The cinema tickets are sold out, which I rarely see in a Filipino movie. All the characters are perfectly casted for their roles. They do have a resemblance on the character they are portraying. You would see that this movie is well thought of. It is carefully planed and beautifully created. As if they are actually taking me to the past, during Heneral Luna's time.

Honestly, I am excited for their next hero movie. I am pretty sure this would be brilliant as well. YOU, you reading this post, you should watch it if you haven't, every centavo of your money is worth it.

I don't want to spoil anything to you ( although I think many of us know the ending). Just watch it.


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