Makeupinmanila 10 Days Of Beauty Part 1

Hello Dolls :)

I've been looking for beauty challenges even though I don't have my own blog yet. I would love to do these type of challenges because through this I would know myself more and I discover other's favourites too.

Last August 22, the day I started microblogging in Instagram, I found this beauty challenge by makeupinmanila who is also a filipina. And of all the challenges that I saw online this is pretty suitable for a beginner like me.  That's why although I was late already with this challenge I still do it for the sake of my love for makeup. 

These are the first five days of the challenge.

DAY 1 :)
 DAY 1: Favorite makeup 
By favorite i picked the things that i often reach whenever i'm doing my makeup, unfortunately face primers breaks me out so i don't have one,
 Let's proceed 
1⃣ Nars sheer matte foundation in punjab 
2⃣ MAC Pro long wear concealer in NC25 
3⃣ The Balm Instain in Toile 
4⃣ The Balm Bahamamama 
5⃣ The Balm Marry Lou Manizer 
6⃣ Majolica Majorca Lash king 
7⃣ Limecrime Shadow helper 
8⃣ Revlon Lipglass in Nude 
9⃣ Smashbox Studio Pop Palette 
1⃣0⃣ Urban Decay De-slick setting spray. 
1⃣1⃣ MAC Pro long wear lipstick in Unlimited 



Loreal magic nude 
Nars sheer glow in Punjab 
DINAIR airbrush 
Makeup factory 

Garnier BB eye roll 
MAC pro long wear 
Bobbi brown duo kit
Bobbi brown brightening undereye 
Loreal highlighter 
LA pro 

RCMA no color 
Ben Nye banana powder 

PRIMER: (sadly these breaks me out) 
Loreal studio secrets 
Maybelline baby skin 

💭please let me know if you know any primers that works well on acne prone skin. I noticed that any product with silicone breaks me out so bad, so please beauties i would love to hear your suggestions💭
 DAY 3

Day 3: Blushes, Highlighter and Contour Powders

I am not that experimental with blushes, contour powders and highlighters. The only three products that use ALL THE TIME are my The Balm Trio which are: 
The Balm Instain in Toile
The Balm Mary Lou Manizer 
The Balm Bahamamama 

For my everyday use i often reach for Elf HD Blush

I recently purchased Mememe Beat the blues in oyster gold and I am loving it already. 

I use the Benefit High Beam whenever I want a subtle glow under the lou manizer.

I also use concealers as my under eye highlighters:
LA girl Pro Conceal
Bobbi Brown brightening under eye concealer 
Loreal Lumi MAC Pro Long wear

The blush palette was actually a gift from a friend so I don't know where she bought it. 
What are your favourites?


Day 4: Eye shadow palettes

When I first got into makeup hobby i often told my self that I don't need a lot of eyeshadow because i won't use them anyway. But when a lot You Tubers started to upload makeup tutorials i was fascinated how a combination of shadows would end up in such a gorgeous shade. And that's when i decided to buy one for myself. 

That stash of palette on the left side are all FAKE MAC eyeshadow (yep, you heard me right) I've bought it online and that's my first eyeshadow palette. I was a victim false advertisement at a very young age. I thought that MAC really sells makeup palettes, but I don't regret anything because through that I've learned that i should double and triple check anything I will buy online.

On the right part of the picture are all my original palettes 
Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 
Smashbox Studio Pop Sephora On the Go 
Props Tools and Cosmetics Earth tone shades 
and my Depotted shadows are placed in Wild peach cosmetics palette 

Do you have any experience same as mine? What are your favorite Eye shadow Palettes? :)



Day 5 is all about MASCARAS! A lot of you don't know that He haven't bestowed me with a bounteous and long eyelashes. That's why, these right here are my besties when it comes to achieving those vavavoom lashes. Other than this babies, eyelash extensions are also a another way to glam them up, sad to say I'm still not that good in using them. However, practice makes everything perfect, that's why I would never lose hope in being good in using them. You would also notice that all of which are waterproof, thats due to the humidity here in the Philippines. It seems like everyday is summer here in our country, in which even if you use a water resistant mascara, it would still smudge!!! Note: Currently, I don't have a lot of mascaras on hand since I dispose them every three months just to avoid eye infections. Lets take care of our eyes, especially since its one of the parts that is closest to our brain. No to any systemic infections!

From Left to Right:
Loreal Lash Architect 4D
maybelline Falsies
Majolica Majorca Lash King
Revlon Double Wear
and Another Lash king (I got two because it's sale!shhhh :p)

Have a Fab day Dolls :)

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