DIY: Limecrime Velvetine Utopia

Hello Dolls!

I’ve been looking and admiring the Limecrime Velvetine in Utopia when an idea hits me.
(c) Limecrime

I immediately went to my bathroom and reach out for the MUA Luxe in Criminal and Kooky.

I put about a dime of criminal, which is the hot pink color, and then followed by a small dot of kooky, which is the purple one at the side, then just mix it together until you reach the color you want.

It’s better to use a mixing palette instead of the back of your hand as it dries fast.

Here is the sample look if you would directly apply kooky, then criminal on top of it. 

You can buy it at Makeup Hub for P200 ($4.50) as they have an ongoing clearance sale as of the moment.

Thank you for stopping buy dolls!

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