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Today I'm going to talk about the much raved Lorac Pro! I first heard about this palette from several Youtube beauty bloggers and they are undeniably crazed about it so I told myself you need to get it girl! I asked my uncle to get it for me so that I can see what all the fuss was about. So here it goes…

Here are the first look on what you are about to see when you purchase this product.

I love the box because it contains all the information I need about the products.

They also prepared some step by step tutorials for us. Just scan the code on the side of the box or visit their Lorac Cosmetics website.

You can Go Pro with Lorac Pro! 

 And here are the ingredients.

Okay back to the real thing!

When you first look at it you would think that this palette is thick and not travel friendly., but you are wrong girlfriend! It's just the box because when you open it up you would find a very thin and travel friendly packaging.

It is good for travelling because it is compact and it's not going to take up too much space in my makeup kit.

The outer packaging has a NARS-ish feeling, as it is Black and Rubbery. I'm pretty sure it's definitely not going to be clean looking as what happened to some of my Nars Products. Nevertheless I still love the look and feel of the entire packaging.Ugh I am a sucker for sleek packaging.

After admiring the packaging, flip it out to see the huge mirror and two rows of striking eyeshadows, first row are all matte and the second row are completely shimmery shades. 

I also notice that almost similar colors are together and the palette is arranged from the lightest to the darkest one. It makes it really easy for me to find exactly what I'm looking for.

All in all it has 16 colors. Each square shadow contains 0.02oz of product.

I could actually use every adjective to describe perfect shadows, which are buttery, pigmented, creamy, smooth, blend able and easy to work with. Some of the matte shades are chalky, but in a good way.

You just need a one quick swipe to cover your entire lid.

Here are the swatches for you fellas!

Here are the first six shades from the left.

The first three shades from the matte line are WHITE, CREAM, TAUPE.
 The first three shades from shimmery row are NUDE, CHAMPAGNE and GOLD.

Taupe and Champagne are my go to shades in this palette.

Next six middle shades are:
*so sorry I missed out LT. PINK AND LT. BRONZE*

The next three shades from matte row are LT. PINK, MAUVE AND SABLE 

 The next three shades from shimmery row are LT. BRONZE, PEWTER AND GARNET.

I'll definitely gonna use Garnet for Fall season!

And the last four:

Love love love the ESPRESSO and BLACK.

Last set of shimmer shades are DEEP PURLE AND SLATE.

BLACK is not as black as I expect it to be, but still amazing though.

I thought I'd give a little shout-out to my favourites which are Taupe, Mauve, Espresso, Champagne, Pewter, and Garnet!

 It's not yet over dolls!

Lorac got one more bonus for us! It also comes with a mini 0.19 oz of eye shadow primer that is pretty awesome!

Check out how the primer makes the shadow more blendable.

This palette is definitely worth buying and raving! I love the perfect balance between the matte and shimmery shades. It is fantastic and I'm very happy to finally have it in my hands!

I can say that Lorac Pro is the new apple of my eye.

Thank you for stopping buy dolls!

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