My Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I was searching for wisdom tooth extraction experience to get myself ready for that day, but it can’t find enough post about it and that is why I decided to share with you my experience.

Here it goes.

October 22, was the day I feared the most. It was my wisdom tooth extraction day! Yikes! I’m freakin nervous because I heard a lot of traumatic scenarios that happened to them, like the 7 hours surgery, cutting through the bone, anesthesia doesn’t have an effect to them and so on and so forth. That’s why I am very nervous. My wisdom tooth needed to be removed because it was pushing my teeth and making them inclined.

I set my appointment one month before because my sched and the doctor’s schedule doesn’t match. 3 days before I took an antibiotic and gargle bactidol for 3 days. One hour before surgery I took Traxenemic acid and Mefenamic acid as prescribed by my dentist. Then around 4:45 I was already at the clinic, after 5 minutes I was assisted to a dental chair where my dentist would do the operation.

I was asked to gargle a mouthwash I think? Then the doctor checked my x-rays and swabbed the topic anesth. The doctor asked if I’m starting to feel numbness on the area, and I nod yes. So he started to inject the anesthesia and he waited for 5 minutes to start the operation. During those 5 minutes I’m shaking and very nervous then the dental assistant asked me to calm down and she said there’s nothing to worry about as they would take care of me and I won’t feel any pain.

So, I started to feel calm, I breathe in and out, and I keep telling to myself everything will be alright and before the operation will start, he asked me to raise my left hand if ever I feel any pain or discomfort.

So here it goes, I saw he picked up the scalpel and I just closed my eyes and prayed to God.

He cut a small part of my gum and seriously I don’t feel anything! That’s when I started to smile in my head and say to myself this isn’t a bad experience at all.

Then he drilled half of my tooth. *Insert scary drilling sounds* while the dental assistant kept suctioning the saliva and blood in my mouth.  Then he took out the first half and then the second half of the tooth and it was finish! The surgery took about 20 to 30 minutes and all through that time I haven’t felt any single pain.

Afterwards another doctor handed me a green bond paper with post op notes then explained it to me one by one.

Post Op Tips
1. Don’t suck anything and don’t even try to drink from the straw.
2. Don’t brush your teeth for 8 hours and after 8 hours gently brush your teeth especially near the area of extraction.
3. Be ready to wake up with a blood on your pillow. It’s normal!
4. Stock up soft foods like pudding, yogurt, and mashed potato because you will be having a hard time chewing
5. You will be irritated by the stitches and think like it’s inflamed
6. Continue your prescribed meds.
7. Be back after a week for stich removal.
8. Flush the extraction area with some Orahex to remove food debris.
9. Rest Rest Rest

Overall I can say that I am lucky because, I haven’t had a traumatic experience rather a pain free one. Thanks to my doctors and ates in Clinica Orthodontia for taking care of me!

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